Crochet Caterpillar Rattle Amigurumi Free Pattern

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Today we share Easy Crochet Caterpillar Rattle Amigurumi Free Pattern for you. As you know we share new free amigurumi pattern every day. The main crochets are gazelle, amigurumi bear, pola, crochet panda, penguin, giraffe, llama, pig, amigurumi bunny, clown, lamb, bee, crochet unicorn, amigurumi doll, fox, penguin, dinosaur, crochet elephant, hippo, monkey, crochet cat, crochet dog and more …
Todays daily new amigurumi free crochet pattern is Caterpillar Rattle.
I want to give you some informations about this amigurumi free pattern;Caterpillar Rattle.

Crochet Caterpillar Rattle Amigurumi Free Pattern

You will need:
1) Yarn Art jeans yarn of any colors, I took 4 different colors YAj 11,73,20 and Alize cotton baby 183, for embroidery of eyebrows and mouth somewhere in 10 cm of red and white yarn.
2) Eyes on a 16mm safety mount, eyelashes (pre-glue to the eyes), rattles for a rattle (2 pcs.)
3) Safety pins, scissors, sewing needle
4) Filler

MR: Magic ring
Ch: Chain
Sc: Single crochet
Inc: Increase
Dec: Decrease

We start crocheting with yarnart jeans 11 yarn.
1)6 sc in MR
2)6 inc (12)
3)(1sc,1inc)х6 (18)
4)1sc,1inc(2sc,1inc)х5,1sc (24)
5)(3sc,1inc)х6 (30)
6)2sc,1inc(4sc,1inc)х5,2sc (36)
7)(5sc,1inc)х6 (42)
8)3sc,1inc(6sc,1inc)х5,3sc (48)
9)(7sc,1inc)х6 (54)
10-22) 54 sc (13 rows) – if you knit with a tick, then straight rows you need to knit 10 (the part must be round)

Approximately between 14-15 rows we insert eyes on a secure mount, at a distance of 7 sc.
23)(7sc,1dec.)х6 (48)
24)3sc,1dec.(6sc,1dec.)х5,3sc (42)
25)(5sc,1dec.)х6 (36)
26)2sc,1dec.(4sc,1dec)х5,2sc (30)
27)(3sc,1dec.)х6 (24)
28)1sc,1dec.(2sc,1dec.)х5,1sc (18)
29)(1sc,1dec.)х6 (12)
Detail stuffing.

Change color to yarnart jeans 20.
30)(1sc,1inc)х6 (18)
31)1sc,1inc(2sc,1inc)х5,1sc (24)
32)(3sc,1inc)х6 (30)
33)2sc,1inc(4sc,1inc)х5,2sc (36)
34)(5sc,1inc)х6 (42)
35)3sc,1inc(6sc,1inc)х5,3sc (48)

36-46) 48 sc (11rows) – if you knit with a tick, you need to knit 9 straight rows (the part should be round).
47)3sc,1dec.(6sc,1dec.)х5,3sc (42)
48)(5sc,1dec.)х6 (36)
49)2sc,1dec.(4sc,1dec)х5,2sc (30)
50)(3sc,1dec.)х6 (24)
51)1sc,1dec.(2sc,1dec.)х5,1sc (18)
52)(1sc,1dec.)х6 (12)
We stuff the part, insert a rattle for a rattle.

Change color to Alize cotton gold 183.
53)(1sc,1inc)х6 (18)
54)1sc,1inc(2sc,1inc)х5,1sc (24)
55)(3sc,1inc)х6 (30)
56)2sc,1inc(4sc,1inc)х5,2sc (36)
57)(5sc,1inc)х6 (42)
58-66) 42 sc (9 rows) – if you knit with a tick, straight rows you need to knit 7 (the part must be round).

67)(5sc,1dec.)х6 (36)
68)2sc,1dec.(4sc,1dec)х5,2sc (30)
69)(3sc,1dec.)х6 (24)
Detail stuffing.
70)1sc,1dec.(2sc,1dec.)х5,1sc (18)
71)(1sc,1dec.)х6 (12)
Insert the second rattle.

72) 6 dec
Change color to yarnart jeans 73.
73)6 inc (12)
74)(1sc,1inc)х6 (18)
75)1sc,1inc(2sc,1inc)х5,1sc (24)
76)(3sc,1inc)х6 (30)

77-81) 30 sc (5 rows) – if you knit with a tick, straight rows you need to knit 3 (the part must be round).
82)(3sc,1dec.)х6 (24)
83)1sc,1dec.(2sc,1dec.)х5,1sc (18)
Detail stuffing.
84)(1sc,1dec.)х6 (12)
85) 6 dec
Pull the hole, hide the thread, cut.

Horns (Make 2)
1)6 in MR
2)6 inc (12)
3)(1sc,1inc)х6 (18)
4-6)18 sc(3 rows)
7)(1sc,1dec.)х6 (12)
8)6 dec.(6)
9)6 sc (5 rows)
We fasten the thread, leave for sewing.

Legs (Make 8)
1) 6 in MR
2) 6 inc (12)
3-4) 12 sc (2 rows)
Fasten the thread, leave a tail for sewing.

1) We make a tightening of the eyes.
2) Embroider the mouth and eyebrows.

3) We attach the horns to the head with needles, we see that they stand evenly with us. We outlined everything, checked everything, everything is smooth, we sew.

4) We outline the legs with needles, check, sew.

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