Amigurumi Hipster llama Free Pattern

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Today we share Amigurumi Hipster llama Free Pattern for you. As you know we share new free amigurumi pattern every day. The main crochets are amigurumi gazelle, bear, pola, panda, penguin, giraffe, llama, pig, bunny, clown, lamb, bee, unicorn, amigurumi doll, foxe, penguin, dinosaur, elephant, hippo, monkey, amigurumi cat, amigurumi dog and more …
Todays daily new amigurumi free crochet pattern is Amigurumi Hipster llama .
I want to give you some informations about this amigurumi free pattern; Hipster llama.

Amigurumi Hipster llama Free Pattern

• 3.5 mm crochet hook
• scissors
• tapestry needle
• mercerized cotton yarn
100/170m (30g aprox)
• 100% polyester yarn
100m/230m (30g aprox)
• polyfill
• black yarn to embroider
the nose and eyes

Hipster Hat and Infinity Scarf
• 4.0mm crochet hook (for
the hat)
• 8.0mm crochet hook (for
the scarf)
• scissors
• A color of 70%acrilic/30%
yarn 100g/177m (I used la
sedificada from Pingouin)
• 2.5mm pompom
• Chuncky Acrylic
• A pair of oval safety eyes


• 3.5 mm crochet hook
• scissors
• tapestry needle
• mercerized cotton yarn
100g/170m (30g aprox)
• hot glue
• 5cm pompons
• 30cm tshirt yarn

This pattern was writing using U.S.A. terms.
dec decrease (sc 2
stitches together
inc increase (sc in
indicated stitch 2 times)
sc single crochet
ch chain stitch
slst slip stitch
st stitch
hdc half double crochet
dc double crochet
MR magic ring

We will start with a snout!
With a cotton yarn and a 4.0mm crochet hook
1.- 6sc in a MR
2.- 6inc =12sc
3.-(1sc, 1inc) x6 =18sc
4 to 6.- 1sc in each st
Close with a slst and Cut the yarn leaving a long tail to sell the nose to the

Llama body
The llama body starts from the legs to the head.
Legs (make 04).
For the legs 01 and 03 cut the yarn after the round 10.
For the legs 02 and 04 see the following instructions.
1.- 6sc in a MR=6
2.- (1inc, 1sc) x 3=9
3,4.- 1sc in each st= 9sc
5.- (2sc, 1inc) x 3=12sc
6,7.- 1sc in each st= 12sc
8.- (3sc, 1inc) x 3=15sc
9,10.- 1sc in each st= 15sc
Close with a slst and cut the yarn.
For the legs 02 and 04, don’t cut the yarn. Join the leg 02 to the leg 01 with a
3sc. Close and cut the yarn.
After, joining the leg 04 to the leg 03 with a 3sc, make 5ch and make 1sc
between the legs 01 and 02.
Now, you have a part of you. We are going to start to work the body in rounds.
You will put a marker on the 2nd sc of the 1st leg.

1.- Make 12sc in the first leg, 1sc between the 1st and 2nd legs a and
11sc in the second legs.
1dec (12thst + 1stch), 1hdc, 1dc, 1hdc, 1dec (5thst + 1st dc of 3rd leg).
11sc in the 3rd leg
1sc between 3rd and 4th legs
11sc in the 4th leg, 1dec(12thsc of the 4th leg + 1stch)
1hdc, 1dc, 1hdc
1dec (5thst + 1stsc of the 1st leg)= 56sc.

YES! You finished the first round, I promise, is the most
difficult round!!!!

2.- 23sc, 1dec, 1dc, 1dec, 23sc, 1dec, 1dc, 1dec=52sc
3.- 24sc, 1hdc, 25sc, 1hdc, 1sc=52sc
Now, if you want it’s time to change the yarn.
4 to 7.- 1sc in each sc=52sc
8.- 9sc, 1dec, 7sc, 1dec, 32sc=50st
9.- 9sc, 1dec, 5sc, 1dec, 32sc=48st
10.- 9sc, 1dec, 3sc, 1dec, 32sc=46sc
11.- 9sc, 1dec, 1sc, 1dec, 32sc=44sc
12.- 11sc.
Have sure that the last sc is in the middle back of the llama. If not, make
some sc as necessary to.
Join the both sides of the piece with 13slst, leaving 17st unworked in the
other extreme of the piece and the body.
Now stuff firmly the legs and the body, observing that the Llama´s legs are
touching the surface together
Move the marker for the next st

13.- 17sc + 1sc in the middle line
14.- 1 sc in each st= 18sc
15.- (7sc, 1dec) x 2=16sc
16.- 1 sc in each st= 16sc
17.- (6sc, 1dec) x 2=14sc
18,19.- 1 sc in each st= (14sc)
20.- (5sc, 1dec) x 2=12sc
21.- 1 sc in each st= 12sc
Stuff firmly the neck.

22.- (1sc, 1inc) =18sc
23.- (2sc, 1inc) =24sc
24.- (3sc, 1inc) =30sc
25 to 30.- (6 rounds) 1sc in each st= 30st
31.- (3sc, 1dec) x 6= 24sc
Stop now! It´s time to sell the nose on to the head and put
the safety eyes!

32.- (2sc, 1dec) x 6= 18sc
33.- (2sc, 1dec) x6=12sc
34.- 6dec=6sc
Close with slst leaving a tail to sell.

1- 6sc in a MR
2- (2sc 1 inc) x2= 8sc
3- to 6 1sc in each st= 8sc
Leave a long tail to sell on to the body.

Ears (Make 2)
1.- 4sc in a MR =4sc
2.- (1sc, 1inc) x 2= 6sc
3.- (2sc, 1inc) x 2= 8sc
3 to 8- 1sc in each st= 8 sc
Assemble the llama

Hipster Hat
1.- Make 8hdc in a MR, close with a slst, ch2
2.- 8hdcinc= 16hdc, close with a slst, ch2
3.- (1hdc, 1hdcinc) x 8= 24hdc, close with a slst, ch2
4- 1hdc in each hdc=24 close with a sl, ch2
5.- (2hdc, 1hdcinc) x 8=32 hdc, close with a slst, ch2
6.- 4hdc, 4ch (miss 4hdc) 8hdc, 4ch (miss 4hdc) 12hdc =32sc, close with a slst, ch2
7.- 4hdc, 4hdc in the chain, 8hdc, 4hdc in the chain, 12hdc = 32hdc, close with a slst, ch2
8 and 9.- 1hdc in each hdc= 32hdc.
Close with a slst and hide the yarn
Put the pompom over the hat.

Infinity Scarf
With a chunky yarn you have chosen, make many chains as necessary to
make two rounds on the neck of the llama. Make 2 more chains and close the ring.
1-Ch2, make 1hdc in each chain and close with a st.
Hide the yarn.

If you don´t have an amigurumi glasses, you can to improvise with a 2 rings
for a keychain and a thin black yarn!!!! I used a cotton yarn Bella(100g/450m)
1-With a proper crochet hook for a thin yarn, make some sc as necessary for
to cover the first ring (23sc with Bella yarn). Close with a slst. Don´t cut the
2-Ch5, cover the other the ring with a some sc as necessary, close with a slst.
3-Make 5slst in each slst of the previous round.
Close with a slst, cut and hide the yarn. To fix the glasses to the llama face
you will need a little bit of a hot glue in a specific place

1.- Start with a 7chain
In the second from hook, make a sc and make more 5sc, 1ch. Turn the work.
2.-16(15 rows) 6sc, 1ch turn
Alternate the colors as you wish (even 2 or 3 rows).
After the last row, make 1sc around the piece, in each corner, make 3sc
Hide the yarn.
Fasten the blanket to the llama with a 30cm of t-shirt yarn. Hold the pompom
to the blanket with a hot glue.

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